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Bookkeeper v Accountant

Bookkeepers and accountants both play a role in small business. But their area of expertise is not the same.

Bookkeepers and BAS Agents

A bookkeeper is there with you every week of the year. It’s a hands on role, with regular communication with the business owner. A bookkeeper becomes part of your team and is there to help you keep all your financial records in order, which in turn will keep the ATO happy!

Bookkeeping involves the recording of day to day transactions of a small business. This includes raising invoices, paying bills, reconciling bank statements and the all-important task of processing payroll

If they are a registered BAS Agent (which we are at She’s A Keeper) they can also lodge your BAS/IAS, report Single Touch Payroll and get in touch with the ATO for you.

Tax Accountants

Accountants and tax agents take a step back from the daily operations of a business and usually jump in at least once a year to review your financials, give you advice on big purchases or change your business structure and lodge your Annual Tax Return.

Where does She's A Keeper fit?

At She’s A Keeper we’ve got the Bookkeeping role covered. We use Xero and Hubdoc to process all your receipts, complete bank reconciliations and handle the nitty gritty details of payroll. Plus you can hand over your general office administration tasks to us too

And if you need a tax agent, we have a few great accountants we can refer. Just ask!

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